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Facebook Group Grow Contest!

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It's time for a *GROUP GROW* contest!


Here's how it works!


**Be the person to invite the most 18+ women to our group**


Easy, right?! I will be counting each and every person that you invite. I will also be doing a couple of drawings for other prizes and everyone that invites someone is entered to win. You can invite 1 or 1000!


Now, here's the only thing. I hate spam and I hate being added to random groups, especially when the person that added me knows it's not my jam. SO, I know everyone wants to win, but please be considerate of who you're inviting. We want to keep this space positive and encouraging, and let's be real--Not everyone appreciates, understands, or accepts boudoir photography.This 100% NOT the group for them! Feel free to invite all of your badass friends that you feel would make a great addition to this group or could benefit from the positive side effects of their own session!



-This is valid for a Boise boudoir studio session only--Absolutely no exceptions and no transfering.

-Contest not sponsored by or affiliated with FB

-No cash value. Winners have one month to schedule their session or win will be forfeited. Session must be completed before May 1, 2023.

-Cannot be applied any previously/currently booked sessions.

-I'm planning on running this for a week, but may end the contest at any time.

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