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My Reason Why: Boudoir Photography | Happy Hour Boudoir

What qualifies me to take your confidence in one hand while holding my camera in the other?

I've been an aspiring photographer for 16 years now, but really dug my heels in ten years ago when I started Carly Moon Images. I loved photography in general, so I shot every genre, including boudoir. Before I REALLY knew what boudoir photography was, I thought it was just pretty pictures for skinny girls. HA. I was SO wrong, and it took me until my own first time in front of the camera for things to click (no pun intended). At my heaviest, I realized that the point of boudoir photography was to shed light on the self-appreciation that I had tucked away because of society's standards. I had the typical thought process that almost everyone runs through before a session: "I need to lose weight. I'm not pretty enough. I'm awkward AF in front of a camera... I can't be sexy!".

Let me tell you, sexy isn't a pant size, a cup size, a personality type, a comfortability in front of a camera, or natural oooooozing of sex. Sexy is your laugh, your smile, and the vibe you give off when we find the perfect outfits that highlight everything you love or didn't know you loved about yourself. I GET IT NOW! Ever since then, I've made it my mission to absorb all of the information on posing, body image, and psychology and combine it with my 16 years of photography skill, knowledge, and experience to create a safe space for my clients to be themselves. I'm constantly investing in education in the states and in London and Wales, and I don't plan on stopping! I choose to invest in myself because I want you to feel comfortable investing in me as well.

I live, eat, sleep, and breath photography and boudoir, and you'll see why when you're in for your session. Photography isn't a job or a passion.. It's life. My clients become friends, and I've got your back.

Other than that, I believe in always living your best life, and that focusing on the good things in your life bring positive change to the things that may not be going so right. I don't believe in saying things you don't mean and that character is everything.

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