Meet Your New Hype Girl


I'm about as tomboy and even more of an extroverted introvert as one can be that can get along with anyone. Looking back on my childhood, I've come to realize that my first real career was basketball. I never played dress-up, I never played with dolls, and I never played with makeup. But here I am, embracing that and helping women find their sexy, even if it's in the unconventional way. Do you have bangin' back muscles? I'll shout it out. A cute belly button? Yes, I'm secure enough with my weirdness to compliment you on it!

Listen, you're going to walk out of your session loving parts of yourself you've probably never even though about before, and thanks to my Bachelors' degree in Athletic Coaching Education (Basketball. I majored in basketball, and I shit you not), Sport and Exercise Psychology, and Sports Communications, you'll probably know the new anatomical terms of your new favorite feature by the end of your session. 

I've got Kansas roots, a B.S. from West Virginia University, and wanderlusting wings that have traveled millions of miles. I went from a Kansas girl that traveled less than Dorothy to a winding path along the east coast that landed me in England for the past six years. While living there, I visited over 30 countries, with some countries having to put up with me 6 or more times (Ask me about Iceland, Ireland, Italy, and France!). Now I've got plans to travel the entire West Coast, Canada, Mexico, and South America, so if you've got tips LET ME KNOW! 

I like my coffee black and my wine white, and after a sketchy relationship in college with Burnett's vodka, I've found love in an English vodka--Black Cow Vodka, served on the rocks! My favorite food is all food. Seriously. I didn't get these curves eating salad all the time. 


Meet My Dudes

This year is a milestone year! Ten years ago, I met the two loves of my life. Koda has sliiight seniority over Dave, but both have a hold on my heart.

I am absolutely obsessed with my dog, and I promise you'll never meet a dog with more understanding and personality than this dude. Even though he's ten, he still has that puppy energy!

My husband doesn't quite have the same puppy energy, but he balances me well! When we're not working or traveling, you'll find us listening to country music (all of the heart eyes for Chris Young, Luke Combs, and Ashley McBryde), cooking dinner together, fishing, enjoying some drinks with friends, or re-watching The Office or Brooklyn Nine-Nine in between new series. 

We're also a military family! We spent a little over six years at our first base in England. As much as we loved England, we are so excited to be in Idaho now! We've got a whole left half of the country to explore now! 


Boise Boudoir Photographer | Happy Hour Boudoir by Carly Moon Images
Boise Boudoir Photographer | Happy Hour Boudoir by Carly Moon Images1122601919607_1692676406071
Boise Boudoir Photographer | Happy Hour Boudoir by Carly Moon Images83_10209607829251237_3922193712146
Boise Boudoir Photographer | Happy Hour Boudoir by Carly Moon Images
Boise Boudoir Photographer | Happy Hour Boudoir by Carly Moon Images
Boise, Idaho Boudoir Photographer | Carly Moon Images

Photo Credits to: Carly Moon Images LLC, Tareq M Photography, Kay Anna Photography, Bailey H. Boudoir, Leigh Rose Photography