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Located on the Boise Bench, this studio has three rooms that are split into very different sets that allow us to shoot roughtly twelve different styles to create all kinds of looks and provide the ultimate variety in your session that you won't find anywhere else in Idaho. 

Client Closet

The client closet is my pride and joy! It's bursting at the seams with over 2000 unique pieces with inclusive sizing that I have collected from all over Europe, Asia, and america. 

My pieces are not limited to just all styles of lingerie. From Glam body jewelry, Three different sets of big beautiful angel wings, luxurious robes, sweaters, shoes and more; i have something for everyone.



Wings & Fancy Things

For the girls that really want to glam it up. We've got beautiful jewels, angel-worthy wings, and outfit accents fit for YOU, Queen.

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