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I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the majority of the women reading that has never done boudoir before is: 
- Thinking they need to lose weight before they book a session

- Uncomfortable in front of the camera

- Doesn't know how to "be sexy"

- Puts her family's needs before her own all of the time

- Tends to be self-depricating

Hands up. Who can relate to at least one of these? 

GOOD NEWS.  A boudoir experience is going to change your life.

Every session I do is not only a victory for my girls, but it's also a little bit of a victory for myself, and you wouldn't believe how excited I get over working on your images. You wouldn't believe how much you women have inspire me. This isn't some marketing bullshit or some ploy pretending to be something I'm not that I've learned off of some marketing class I bought from a facebook ad. This isn't some business I've inherited off of someone else. Photography has always been my calling and my true love, and I've never stumbled or doubted that. What I see now is that through photography I'm able to build value and a movement, one woman at a time. I do this because I love it and can't imagine doing anything else for the rest of my life, and knowing I'm able to help others who struggle with some of the same issues I have.

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