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Meet Your Photographer | My Reason Why | Happy Hour Beauty and Boudoir in Boise, Idaho

A little about me and what I feel qualifies me to take your confidence in one hand while holding my camera in the other.

Boise Idaho Boudoir Photographer Happy Hour Boudoir

Carly Moon Boise Idaho Boudoir Photographer Happy Hour Boudoir

I'm Carly! Your Boise, Idaho boudoir specialist! I started my photography journey 20 years ago when I took my first senior portraits at age 15, but really dug my heels in 14 years ago when I started Carly Moon Images. I absolutely loved building my business working with families throughout every important moment in their lives from proposals to weddings, pregnancy announcements to births and newborns, and watching these families grow up in front of my lens still to this day.

Professionally, I've been published internationally in places like The Daily Mail, Stars and Stripes, and other publications, and I've been fortunate enough to have award winning images within the Professional Photographers of Idaho association and the Association of International Boudoir Photographers. I was also named Photographer of the Year by the Professional Photographers of Idaho in 2022. On the business side of things Happy Hour Beauty and Boudoir has been nominated and recognized in several Idaho awards including Idaho's Best, Best of Boise with the Idaho Statesman, Boise Favorites with Boise Weekly,, CommunityVotes, and BoudoirRule. Enough of that though!

I loved photography in general, so I shot every genre, including boudoir. Before I REALLY knew what boudoir photography was, I thought it was just pretty pictures for skinny girls in beds with heels. HA. I am so happy we've moved past that type of boudoir and that type of thinking! I was SO wrong, and it took me until my own first time in front of the camera for things to click (no pun intended). At my heaviest weight personally I booked the session, and that's when I realized that the point of boudoir photography was to shed light on the self-appreciation that I had tucked away because of society's standards. I had the typical thought process that almost everyone runs through before a session: "I need to lose weight. I'm not pretty enough. I'm too tomboy. I'm awkward AF in front of a camera... I can't be sexy!".

Let me tell you, I learned that sexy isn't a pant size, a cup size, a personality type, a level of comfortability in front of a camera, or naturally oooooozing of sex. It IS your laugh, your smile, and the vibe you give off when we find the perfect outfits that highlight everything you love or didn't know you loved about yourself. After that session I thought, "I GET IT NOW!" And you know what else? You won't even hear the word "sexy" come out of my mouth during a session. I strive to create a fun, carefree and comfortable environment no matter where we are in the world where you get to take a break from tearing yourself down in a mirror to see yourself the way others truly do. With the right team, the right outfits, and the right photographer coaching you along the way, boudoir is a game-changer. On the flip side, I've seen first hand what can happen when you put your self-esteem in the wrong hands. Boudoir is SUCH a vulnerable genre, and making the decision to even consider a session is a huge first step. I've heard horror stories about creeps with cameras and fauxtographers that just jump in to boudoir without any training or without realizing that their role as a photographer is SO much more than pushing a button. As boudoir photographers, it is our responsibility to have empathy and be willing/able to walk this journey with you. It is our job to create a safe, professional environment to allow you to fully trust the process to reap the real benefits behind a boudoir session. Let's be real, the photos are just the souvenir of a powerful, life-changing day when done right. Ever since then, I've made it my mission to absorb all of the information on posing, body image, and psychology and combine it with my 20 years of photography skill, knowledge, and experience to create a safe space for my clients to be themselves. I've been consistently investing in my photography education for a decade now, taking classes in London, Wales, and now all over the states! I choose to invest in myself because I want you to feel comfortable investing in me as well.

I live, eat, sleep, and breath photography and boudoir, and you'll see why when you're in for your session. Photography isn't a job or a passion.. It's life. My clients become friends. It's hard to believe that a camera has brought so many close friends and incredible people into my life, and I want to create that lifelong relationship with every woman that walks through my door. Let's be friends! Let's grab beers! When I'm not in my Boise photography and boudoir studio, I'm probably hanging out with my husband and our lab/vizsla puppy Beckett (aptly named after the smart and beautiful Kate Beckett from one of our favorite shows, Castle). We are an active military family, with my husband having served almost 11 years in the Air Force. The hands-down best part of military life was being stationed in England for six years which allowed us to travel through most of Europe (if you need help planning your trip, I'm your girl!) and building an international photography business with families I'm still working with a decade later. Traveling holds the biggest part of my heart next to photography, and I love combining those two things as often as I can! If my husband is home, you'll find The Office on repeat, and when he's not I'm probably watching anything Gordon Ramsay is in and Bravo reality shows. We also love visiting all of the incredible breweries and taprooms Boise has to offer, fishing, and going to country concerts. We absolutely love being stationed in Idaho for the outdoor activities and all that Boise has to offer!

So! If you're interested in a session with me, please don't hesitate to reach out! I'd love to chat about what to expect and what all we provide for your boudoir and portrait experiences. One thing I can promise is that there will be no shortage of fun!

Five Star Review. Best Boise Idaho Boudoir Photographer

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May 20

I 100% agree that sessions with Carly are full of FUN! The best way to show yourself love is seeing yourself through her eye (lens). Signed, Carly’s biggest fan!

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